Roman aquarium opening

Dei bellissimi pesci tropicali nel loro ambiente naturale
2017-12-14 11:51:28

Roman aquarium opening

Roman aquarium

The Romans have been waiting for more than a year, in fact the first opening was announced in May 2016, so that from tourist attraction has become a completely negative note for the inhabitants of the neighborhood that, although bitterly, make scorn . It has become one of the many great works left unfinished in the capital, nothing new, and certainly will not be the constant promises of openness to reassure citizens.

The common hope is that, at least once opened, it meets everyone's expectations. There is talk of an innovative aquarium, equipped with cutting-edge technology and populated by marine creatures to remain breathless. The citizens hope, in fact, that this sad joke ends at the time of the opening of the aquarium of Rome, so agonized, and that it turns into great amazement.
The mission of the Sea Life Acquarium

From what has been affirmed, on paper, by the creators of this imposing structure, the Sea Life Rome Acquarium, should represent a site of strong cultural interest and entertainment, for adults and children. In fact, it consists of thirty tanks, used to host about five thousand sea creatures divided into a hundred species. This is the first Italian aquarium in possession of a tunnel surrounded by water and fish at 360 °, a real path immersed in the ocean between sharks, rays and other creatures.

We are talking about a project of great importance, including a shopping mall where you can buy gadgets and souvenirs. So why is it not yet accessible? Almost ten years have passed since 2008, when work began. In 2015 it was announced that in a few months the work would be completed, an effective communication campaign was also launched, including work proposals for a good four hundred employees!
What do the citizens think?

The inhabitants of the Eur pond area, are a mixture of embittered, indignant and sarcastic. What was supposed to be an attraction to revive the neighborhood has turned into a space full of vandalism. The structure, in fact, has been there for so long that it is ruining, a bit for the wear due to abandonment and a little 'because the vandals have found a land completely abandoned where to give vent to their unhealthy activities.

The pond has gone from the prospect of becoming a well-groomed and tourist area, to the most total degradation. This corner of the neighborhood does not receive any kind of treatment, it is a dirty and little frequent situation, a real shame given the potential of the place. Needless to say, the citizens are totally embittered by the situation. Of course it is sarcastic, as in all things, the Romans are good at laughing up, but the truth is that it does not expect anything but this situation is resolved.